Art Designs





The artwork featured is entitled COMMUNICATION; depicts communication if you could see communication.  17 x 25 Silkscreened print.The inspiration behind the creation is the defeat of apartheid in South Africa.  A full page story comes with the artwork to help explain the symbols and meaning behind the artwork.  It was the lack of communication to the ultimate that allowed apartheid to exist in South Africa.

In 1972, one of last classes in pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Science degree, was International Marketing. There was an independent study class where I chose to do a paper entitled “The Effect of Government on African Economic Development”. I received an A+ on the paper and my professor wrote on the paper that it was of the best he had ever seen and asked to keep a copy of my work. When apartheid was defeated in 1995, I was inspired to create the artwork, because apartheid was so terrible and entrenched in the government, I did not think I would see the end of apartheid in my lifetime. I had almost finished the artwork and still did not have a title for it. I decided on Communication, that if you could see communication, it might look like this. Now with the defeat of apartheid, the people of South Africa had access to all forms of communication, particularly education. A new flag was created, a flag is a type of communication. A few months later after the production of the final prints, I looked back on my term paper, the 2nd chapter was entitled “Communication”. I was shocked, amazed and fulfilled. Little did I know, 23 years later, I would create an artwork that includes the title of a chapter of one of my old term papers! I knew the artwork was truly complete and ready for the world to see.