Noteable Expressions

Expand Your Communication Style

 2 3/4″  x  2 3/4″ ,  Box  of 7 assorted cards,  blank inside.   

A package of 7 miniature, parchment-look note cards & envelopes, blank inside, one intended to be used when giving a book. Comes with a list of general expressions to choose from or  use the list to help create your own notes and greetings.  Notable Expressions fit everywhere, in a pocket, cell phone case, wallet etc. The mini cards utilize the K.I.S.S.  Method……….keep it simple and sweet or keep it short and sweet.  Place your mini note card inside a larger envelope for mailing purposes, helps create more drama and surprise.  Use for many purposes, they make great starters for cozy love notes as well. 

Size:  2 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches.

  $15.00 per box


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