Mandala in Treasure Box


P1010185 Treasure Box contains the “Center” MandalaMandala

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Focus on the medallion to help change negative thoughts to positive thoughts and get closer to center vs. being at either extreme of a thought or feeling.

The Alder Wood Showcase Jewel Box is 1 7/8 x 5 1/2 x 7 15/16 and is HANDMADE IN AMERICA.  It contains a Mandala in the form of a medallion entitled “Center”.  The treasure box includes:   a 24 inch long, 100% Silk, gold- colored braid necklace and faux velvet storage pouch.  The medallion can be worn or displayed in the jewel box or on a desk or shrine.  The beautiful faux- velvet- lined showcase treasure box has a secret compartment that contains a scroll that describes the Mandala in detail.  Each treasure box is one of a kind.  It makes an excellent gift for special occasions, encouragement and healing.  The Mandala can also be used in the way you would use rosary beads or a standalone crucifix.