The Global Shift#4

The Global Shift in consciousness continues to unfold…………the shift away from a consciousness of individual greed & profit motive about everything; to a heart- centered “we” motive for doing things.

The Constitution, Declaration of Independence were formed from the heart. Now respect for these institutions are being challenged by the negativity spoken by D. Trump and his followers. Americans are being challenged to vote their conscious and stand up for what they believe in vs. their party affiliation. Character is a long overdue conversation for American politics. It is at the center of all conversations involving human rights. Character comes from the heart. When you are dealing with the heart, you are dealing with the soul as well.

I don’t think there are many schools if any that specialize in developing character. It has been relegated to parents raising their children and religion to help develop this aspect of the human condition. Self-help books help fill in some of the blanks, but in the end it is on the individual to build, develop, practice, expand and grow their character, learn how to stand your ground for what you believe in. Members of the Republican Party are facing the test now…their character, their foundation, respect for the USA and all of those that came before us or continuing to support Donald Trump.
I am hopeful good character will help continue to win over greed, evil, and negativity going on in America. It is not just the election and terrorism, there are many other issues in America and around the globe, that mark a departure away from good character. Good character leads to good behavior and respect for one another. As more and more people stand up for positive motives, it will help drawn out the negative motives.

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