Universal Mind – Climate Change

It will be interesting to see the effect Pope Francis’ words will have on the 45th President of the United States  who has stated climate change is a hoax.

The news reports have indicated that “words about the conscious” were also discussed and he gave a copy of his encyclical on climate change.  An encyclical is a written message from the Pope and sent out to all the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.  Encyclical means circular or all around.   I am feeling the power of Universal Mind  in action.  Let’s look for positive changes from the 45th President with regard to in the rhetoric regarding climate change.  The infrastructures built around solutions to climate change are a win, win, win for all.  More jobs, better air quality, food product and overall quality of life.

We are forced to use more pesticides as the pests become more irritated with environmental issues or we have been able to create safe ways to reduce/remove pests and insects away from crops with no environmental effect and no impact to the food supply.  It is common to see non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods, it makes you wonder what about the other food in the store.  Have farmers and manufacturers chosen the genetically modified option to generate greater profits in lieu of new and or higher cost non-GMO options, aggravation over environmental regulations or concerns?

When we think about Universal Mind as it relates to Climate change, it actually activates six other Science of Mind  principlesUniversal Faith that the words of Pope Francis and the encyclical will have a significant positive impact.  Universal Spirit as I believe as you believe and tell others to share the information, to stay in the conversation about climate change. Universal Love for the planet, Universal Power of the words from Pope Francis.  Universal Law as the cosmos show us every day with each Sunrise and Sunset……..Newton’s law of physics as it relates to climate change.  Universal Peace, the peace that surpasses understanding, what all humans seek and want……..peace of mind.


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