The Global Shift#5

Members of the NFL are taking their place in the global shift towards more heart-centered motives ,”we” solutions vs. greed, selfish motives, and “me motives”.
You may be acquainted with the old saying, “ the heart couldn’t take it anymore”. When the heart “can’t take it anymore,  something happens, good or bad.  The heart of Colin Kaepernick couldn’t take the injustice anymore. He is illustrating the power of one and risking his career for social change in America. It is a good sign that others a joining in and the NFL is not ducking the issue, so far. As Martin Luther King said ..”…….Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”  Gun violence in America has reached an epidemic level and growing.

Perhaps this latest protest against the violence is one more step towards the solution by casting a bigger spotlight and focus. What about the solution to “home-grown terrorism”? How much different is that from global terrorism? The results are the same. Are there more aspects of the global war on terror that can be used on home grown terror?

It has been said that home grown terrorism is the result of a loss of hope. Spirit is what represents hope and vice versa. So if the spirit of a person is lost, we must look to the cures for the loss of spirit within individuals and communities and create more solutions that nurture hope as a human being.

I could scarcely believe the story about an elderly man, simply watering the grass on his front lawn. A violent person on a bicycle, attacked him, stole his wallet and actually shot him. Fortunately, the senior survived. America must do more to curtail the proliferation of violence via video games, TV, movies, social media, and yes, presidential campaigns that foster their own type of violence and negativity. Until next time, stay centered in love and peace.


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